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Need to do away with inspector raj, provide services at doorstep: Vijay Goel

The Bharatiya Janata Party ruled three municipal corporations will simplify the trade licenses procedure in days to come. The municipal corporations will ensure that the traders do not have to submit any No objection certificates and they can get a trade license by simply submitting an affidavit. 
The decision was taken at a meeting of the MCD leaders chaired by the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel.  “We also discussed the ways and means to spruce up the sanitation in all wards in the city. Special inspections will be held to ensure proper sanitation and action,” said Shri Goel.
The BJP ruled MCDs have been asked to look into the problems and challenges faced by the street vendors. There are more than 3.5 lakh street vendors and a large number of them face problems. Street vendors are an integral part of the city’s socio-economic fabric. “We will streamline the system so that  they are not harassed,” said Shri Goel.
The BJP President emphasised the need to provide services to the doorstep. “We need to do away with inspector and license raj. The MCD leaders will look into various procedures and systems and find ways and means to ensure that quick, effective and transparent action is taken on all issues,” he added.
Shri Goel also announced that Ms Meera Agarwal has been appointed as the leader of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. Shri Goel emphasised that the BJP councillors to be constantly in touch with people at the grassroots level and resolve their problems.
He said AAP-Congress alliance is increasingly becoming fragile due to the inner contradictions. The AAP-Congress alliance has failed to resolve issues concerning people.
“The BJP ruled municipal corporations should become the model municipal corporations so that people’s aspirations can be fulfilled.”
“We will be constantly monitoring the functioning of the MCDs and in days to come many more steps will be initiated to make them more and more people friendly. Improvement is a constant process and we will continue to strive towards that in the BJP ruled municipal corporations,” said Shri Goel.
The meeting was attended among others by leaders and standing committee chairpersons as well as mayors of the municipal corporations.

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