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Vijay Goel attacks AAP in address to National Council, terms AAP as ‘B’ team of Congress

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today attacked Aam Admi party’s anarchic rule and doublespeak in his address to around 10,000 delegates of the BJP’s National Council at Ramlila Maidan. 
Addressing the delegates Shri Goel said, “There were three pillars of AAP’s poll campaign-  anti-corruption, anti-VIP culture and resolution of people’s problems. It has failed on all three fronts miserably. No corruption cases are lodged against Congressleaders who looted Delhi during their 15 years rule. The AAP ministers are taking bungalows and using government SUVs with VIP numbers. They have done away with initiatives like “Janata Darbar” and are not able to resolve even a single problem of common people.”
“It is clear that AAP is ‘B’ team of Congress as it has not lodged any complaint against former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and others against whom there is clear evidence of corruption in commonwealth games as well as several other projects and schemes.”
Shri Goel said, “The contest in 2014 Lok Sabha polls will not be between BJP and UPA but it is between 10 years misrule of UPA and the common people who are  bearing the flak of high inflation, loss of jobs, poor growth and most of all  rampant corruption.”
“Today people want a leader who is strong, committed, honest and dedicated to serve them. Shri Narendra Modi has all these qualities, so he is the first choice of people.
“We have recently won assembly elections in three major states very handsomely and in Delhi also we emerged as the single largest party. Our workers in Delhi worked really hard.  We might have committed some mistakes in Delhi as we could not form the government on our own. But we are ready to rectify our mistakes,” he added.
“I can assure that in Mission 272 plus , the Delhi BJP will contribute by winning all 7 Lok Sabha seats,” said Shri Goel

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