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Vijay Goel presses for Bharati’s removal after court orders FIR

The Delhi  Bharatiya Janata Party today  said that its stand of demanding resignation of  Delhi law minister Somnath Bharati has been vindicated by the Court order of registering FIR  in the case involving Somnath Bharti and several other AAP  workers. 
Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “After a court order of FIR in case involving Bharati along with several AAP workers, he should be removed immediately. He is a symbol of ‘AAP style of governance’ which is racist, discriminatory, violent and anarchic. The sooner Delhi’ites can get rid of AAP regime, the better it will be for the people.”
“The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwals’s bluff of taking high moral ground on all issues is being called off now.  He is protecting his law minister who has emerged as the biggest                law-breaker’ in the government,” said pressing for immediate removal of Bharati fom the cabinet.
“Instead of taking action against his party leaders and ministers who are taking law in their own hands, the Chief Minister along with cabinet is trying to divert the attention of people from the real issues by s announcing a dharna against Union home ministry,” he added.
“What Kejriwal needs to do is to set his house in order.   While he continues to talk about political morality his words are much louder than his actions. Had he got even a slight bit of political morality, he would have sacked Bharati and some other ministers also for taking law in their own hands, behaving arrogantly and violating various norms of administration,” said Shri Goel.
Shri Goel said, “We are expecting that Bharati’s professional license to practice as an advocate will be cancelled on the basis of my complaint filed a few days ago. But that is not sufficient. The BJP wants him to resign.   Right from the day he has taken over as law minister, he has violated almost every rule in the rule book.”
“Bharati has already been indicted by a Delhi Court for professional misconduct and now today a court has asked to file an FIR in an incident in which he is one of the main perpetrators of crime.  His position is indefensible now. He is actually becoming a grave threat to Delhi residents. 

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