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AAP is a controlled by Maoists targeting to disrupt democratic polity, spread anarchy: Vijay Goel

Thousands of young men and women of Delhi  today protested at Jantar Mantar  under the banner of Delhi Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha demanding the resignation of Delhi Law Minister Somnatah Bharati for his “unlawful and anti-women activities. Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel, Delhi BJYM President Shri Gaurav Khari, Delhi BJP general secretaries Smt. Shikha Rai and Shri Jai Prakash were among those who were detained by the Delhi Police. 
Addressing the youth who had gathered at Jantar Mantar braving rains and cold, Shri Goel said, “It is deplorable that AAP with the support of Congress is holding whole Delhi at ransom to protect a minister who has misbehaved with women, has been indicted by court for professional misconduct as an advocate and has been taking law in his own hands.”
“Delhi Chief Minister and his colleagues are insisting on disrupting the Republic Day celebrations. They have no regard for our polity and sacred institutions like army. It is clear now that AAP is actually controlled and run by Maoists and they are targeting to disrupt the polity of this country. The aim of AAP is to create a situation  of anarchy which is a manifestation of  Maoist ideology,” he added.
“A greater cause of worry is that Congress is supporting AAP. It also shows the true character of these two parties-AAP and Congress. They can go to any extent to serve their own political interests. They are not bothered about the hardships faced by the people of Delhi due to disruptive show of arrogance in Central Delhi,” said Shri Goel.
“People want respite from inflation. They want cheaper power, clean water, good education, cheap rations, development in unauthorised colonies and nothing has been done by AAP government in this regard except making some flashy announcements. Arrogance and negativism is the hallmark of AAP-Congress alliance,” said Shri Khari wile addressing the gathering.
“AAp has done nothing to improve the safety of women in the city. Where is the commando force for women which was promised. Women are getting gangraped on Delhi streets and AAP is busy protecting its ministers who have become notorious for their highhandedness,” said Shri Goel.
The BJP will not allow this kind of anarchy in the city. “Either this government should work for people or it should go. It has no right to continue if it cannot work for people,” said Shri Goel.

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