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AAP’s baseless allegations an attempt to divert focus away from its non-performance: Vijay Goel

The Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today led a three Km long protest march in the walled city to protest the mishandling of power sector by AAP-Congress alliance government in Delhi leading to hike in power tariffs and threat of long power cuts looming large over the city.

The BJP has been protesting on the streets of Capital for the last two days against the power crisis and hike in power tariff.

Shri Goel hit out at the attempts of AAP leaders to divert attention of people from the power crisis and its non performance by making wild allegations against BJP. It is his own party's contradictions that has created a crisis for AAP."

"Why did the AAP MLA keep quiet from Dec. 7 upto now if an alleged offer was made to him. Where was his conscience? The fact is that AAP is forging lies as it is not able to deliver on its promises."

Shri Goel said, "During AAP-Cong alliance rule so far not even a single promise has been fulfilled. There is complete chaos and anarchy. People are fed up of political acrobatics of Kejriwal and his colleagues. This govt. is falling under the burden of its non performance. No one else needs to do anything. Anyone who raised questions within AAP is forced to leave. It is clear that AAP-Cong alliance has betrayed people of Delhi and are unfit to rule. If this government cannot deliver it should quit instead of blaming others."

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