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Exposed by BJP, AAP is indulging in political blackmail : Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today slammed AAP government for indulging in politics of blackmail to divert attention away from its non-performance. The party also demanded resignation of AAP ministers Manish Sisodia and Somnath Bharati for being corrupt and unethical. 
Addressing a Press Conference today Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said “Today’s demonstration of AAP at BJP leader Sh. Arun Jaitley’s house amounts to political blackmail. As BJP is exposing AAP every day  and asking for accountability, so AAP is now  using these tactics to take the  attention of people and away from the real issues.”
Sh. Goel said that the real issues on which AAP needs to come out with answers are –
1.      Why Kejriwal is protecting corrupt ministers like Somnath Bharati and Manish Sisodia. Bharati is an internationally notorious spammer, has been reprimanded by Courts, is named in FIRs by African women.
Manish Sisodia misused foreign funds granted to his NGO ‘Kabir’ for personal use. An inspection by the Union Home Ministry’s Controller of Accounts in 2012 concluded after inspecting NGO Kabir’s accounts, “In several cases, payments are not supported with relevant documents and are routed through Manish Sisodia in cash.” These irregularities included payment of rent to Sisodia's wife without receipts, unexplained travel expenses and even a "reimbursement" to Sisodia for servicing his car!
Sisodia’a  NGO had received more than Rs 2 crore in foreign contributions between 2005-06 and 2010-11 and the inspection was done in accordance with the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, covering the period from 2005-06 to 2011-12 
2.      Why AAP MLA Madan Lal kept quiet from December 7 upto now about the alleged bribe offer made to him? . Why a case shouldn’t be registered against him for not reporting a “crime” (of being offered bribe). Why AAP didn’t mention this fact at any platform till yesterday?
3.      Kejriwal has full powers to register a case against Sheila Dikshit and other Congress leaders for corruption as Anti-Corruption Branch is under Delhi government? Why is he staging this ‘political drama’ of writing to the President and seeking permission to prosecute Sheila Dikshit for corruption? And why there is no move against any other Congress minister?
4.      Kejriwal failed to deliver on any of the promises he made. Why the power tariff was hiked to 8%? Why he has not been able to check long power cuts? Why there is no improvement in water supply? Why he has not been able to regularise guest teachers and other contract employees as he had promised? Why government schools continue to be in a complete mess? Why there is no clear decision on scrapping of BRT corridor? Where are the 5500 auto rickshaws which were announced to be allowed to ply in NCR?
Sh. Goel said, "The BJP will continue to expose AAP and its non performance undeterred by the politics of blackmail. The people of Delhi have seen the real faces of AAP leaders. They believe in spreading anarchy, they are intolerant and governance is the last priority for them. " 

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