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Bharti, Sisodaia should be dismissed, AAP hiding non-performance with political stunts: Vijay Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today  called upon it party cadres to  go all out at the grassroots level and expose the fact that AAP  leaders are political mercenaries and it is a Maoist outfit.  
A polticial resolution  passed by the  Delhi BJP state executive after deliberations for  more than five hours  said, “Delhi is currently being ruled by a bunch of political mercenaries hired, supported and controlled by Congress party….The   words and action of AAP leaders expose the fact that it is a Maoist outfit.”
The Delhi BJP also asked for immediate dismissal of the corrupt ministers Somnath Bharti and Manis Sisodia. It condemned the mudslinging, use of abusive language, intolerance and undemocratic behaviour of AAP government.
The party thanked people of Delhi for the support it extended to the party making it emerge as the single largest party.
Addressing the state executive, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel urged the party workers to go all out to expose AAP and work at grassroots level to ensure that BJP wins all seven Lok Sabha seats. AAP and Congress are two sides of the same coin and Congress should withdraw support if it does not agree with AAP policies.
“Instead of delivering on the promises which AAP made to the people, it is trying to divert the attention of people away from its   failures by creating political drama and indulging in mudslinging. During the last one month of AAP government’s tenure, the day to day life of a common household in Delhi has gone from bad to worse,” said the political resolution listing some of the key issues-
The power tariff has been hiked by 8%, the announcement of 50% reduction in power tariff has remained on paper and not reflected in bills.
The water tariff has been hiked by 10%.
The contract employees are not being regularized.
Massive transfers have been done in every government department creating an unworkable atmosphere as many senior officials are being asked to report to officers much junior to them.  
Shri Goel said, “AAP’s JanLokpal is a political stunt. It should dismiss corrupt ministers and focus on strengthening Lokayukta if it is really serious about tacking corruption.  The attempts by Congress to obstruct Shri Naredndra Modi’s victory march will not succeed. The BJP workers in Delhi are fully geared up to ensure historic victory for the party in Lok Sabha polls on all seven Lok Sabha seats.”
Addressing the state executive the newly appointed Delhi BJP incharge Shri Prabhat Jha said, “I am confident that if we all work together with clear focus, then victory will be ours.”  He asked the party workers to work in close coordination and put up a united front.  The Delhi BJP has a strong organizational unit with highly motivated party workers and it would surely win all seven Lok Sabha seats in the coming polls, said Shri Jha.

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