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Vijay Goel says, “Namo Chai Charcha “ will send the message- “Vikas Bhi, Imaan Bhi Garibon Ka Samman Bhi”

As a part of its Lok Sabha campaign and buoyed by the success of its Namo Tea Party yesterday , the  Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party will hold the biggest tea party of Delhi “Namo Chai Charcha ”  comprising more than 10,000 persons at 10 am on  February 10 at   Barah Tooti Chowk . The event is organised to convey Sh. Narendra Modi’s message to the people- 
“Vikas Bhi, Imaan Bhi
Garibon Ka Samman Bhi”
Addressing a press conference today, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said, “This “Namo Chai Charcha” will focus on some key issues of governance and corruption. We will take this opportunity to highlight the fact that both the Congress led UPA at the Centre and the AAP-Congress alliance government in Delhi are corrupt, inefficient, non-performer and anti-people.”
Sh. Goel said, “The party has planned a series of innovative evens as a part of its Lok Sabha campaign.  We have set up a task force to come out with publicity material that will be distributed at Namo Chai Charcha and other such events in coming days.
Sh. Goel informed that this time the election campaign is different from the previous Lok Sabha campaigns as with increasing use of social media and other interactive tools, our campaign has become very interactive in Delhi.
“We are inviting people to contribute with the slogans. Their suggestions are being asked for party’s national manifesto also. ”
Sh. Goel said, “During all the activities for Lok Sabha campaign, governance and corruption will  figure prominently in party’s campaign in Delhi. In fact, the BJP has maintained a persistent pressure on AAP to act against Congress leaders on issue of corruption.. Due to this moutning pressure of the BJP, AAP has been forced to send some CWG cases to the ACB. However, all this could be eyewash also. The BJP, however, would  not allow either AAP or Congress to run away with corruption.”
“We will ensure that corrupt Congress leaders are sent to jail.  We also want resignation of Delhi Law Minister and Education minister. Both of them have been proved corrupt beyond any doubt.  Delhi Chief Minister should dismiss them immediately if he is really sincere about tackling corruption. However, he is actually protecting and promoting them. “
Sh. Goel warned that AAP has already created a mess in the power sector and Delhi will have to brace up one of the most terrible summers due to uncertainty of power supply. “Delhi might lose its power supply anytime; the Delhi government seems to be more interested in playing up the confrontation rather than resolving the crisis. Already we are experiencing 8% higher power tariff, long unscheduled power cuts.  And the situation is deteriorating further. Why can’t Kejriwal stop shooting from the hip and just focus on resolving the issues of governance. The time he spends in criticising everyuone else and trying to hog the limelight with his antics could be well spent in resolving power crisis and other issues of Delhi,” said Sh. Goel.
Meanwhile, Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena chief Sh. Jai Bhagwan Goel today merged his party with the BJP. Hundreds of his supporters were present on this occasion.

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