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Kejriwal is a “Rebel without cause”, he does not care about governance: Vijay Goel

he Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party  today slammed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for making empty promises to people from north-east and doing nothing on ground to enhance their safety  even as yet another minor girl from Manipur was raped in the city. 
“It appears there is no law and order in the state. The Centre and Delhi government are busy fighting with each other with no one having either time or inclination to ensure safety of  an average Delhi’ite in the city,” said  Delhi BJP President Sh. Goel while addressing participants of a huge car rally  held in the city  to express support for BJP’s PM candidate Sh. Narendra Modi.
Sh. Goel also flagged off the rally which was organized by Delhi BJP’s Chartered Accountant cell. “There has been overwhelming support from all sections of society for Sh. Narendra Modi as witnessed in this  “Car Rally. Now  the Delhi BJP is organizing the biggest tea party ever held in history of Delhi. It will be attended by more than 10,000 people at 10 am  on 10 Februaryat Bara Tooti Chowk. All these events have one common message to convey to the voters about BJP’s philosophy- “Vikas Bhi, Imaan bhi, Garibon ka samman bhi.”
Sh. Goel said, “All of us are witnessing how people from north east are feeling harassed in the city.  Women are feeling increasingly unsafe.  But Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his ministerial colleagues have no time for such important matters.  What has AAP government done to check this spurt in crime?”
“No one is concerned about governance in the city.   The Congress-AAP alliance has pushed the city into a state of anarchy.  It is strange that while on one hand Congress is criticising the AAP and on the other hand it is supporting it. Why doesn’t it withdraw the support from AAP ?,” asked Sh. Goel.
Commenting on the latest developments on Janlokpal bill, Sh. Goel said, “Even Sh. Anna Hazare has clearly said in an interview to a newspaper published today that  the Janlokpal bill passed by  Centre is good enough and it has strong provisions for having Lokayuktas in state. Then why Kejriwal is pushing for his own version of Janlokpal.  It is clear that he is a rebel without cause and does not want to focus on key governance issues.”

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