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Kejriwal resorting to undemocratic tactics, BJP ready to debate Janlokpal, Swaraj bills : Vijay Goel

Thousands of people participated with great enthusiasm in the biggest tea party of Delhi 'Chai par Charcha' where 'Namo' tea was shared by them expressing all out support for BJP's PM candidate Sh. Narendra Modi. 
"The party will organize such sessions in various parts of the city in days to come," said Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel addressing this event at Barah Tooti Chowk. "This even is a true reflection of the fact that the support for BJP and Sh. Modi cuts across caste, creed, religion and class lines."
Sh. Goel urged the BJP supporters to go to door to door to take the message that BJP's key focus is nation building and this will be done through good governance. The BJP ruled states have delivered on promises made by the party unlike many other political outfits who are more interested in creating problems than resolving it.
Sh. Goel said, "AAP government in Delhi is a classic case of running away from its responsibility. Arvind Kejriwal is threatening to resign over issue of Janlokpal as he has failed to deliver and with every passing day AAP-Congress alliance government and leaders are getting exposed."
Sh. Goel said, "The CM has not shared a draft of the Janlokpal and Swaraj bills with the BJP.Any important legislation needs to be discussed threadbare as it affects people of Delhi. But Kejriwal's attitude is undemocratic. He is not ready for debate on this. Instead of debating it he is threatening to resign. This is sheer political blackmail."
"AAP is showing disrespect to the constitutional framework. Kejriwal and his colleagues are not the only repository of wisdom.They is not following proper legislative procedures. BJP is ready to discuss and debate any legislation and support it also if it helps to improve life of people of Delhi. But Kejriwal just want to get the bills passed not allowing any deliberations on this."
"It is ironic that AAP is supported by corrupt Congress, two of its ministers are found to be indulging in corrupt and unethical practices and yet it is trying to take a moral high ground!"

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