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Kejriwal protecting corrupt ministers, Bharati, Sisoda should go :Vijay Goel

The Delhi BJP's Poorvanchal Morcha held a demonstration at Delhi Secretariat today to protest AAP government's inaction on problems related to the Poorvanchali Community. 
Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel who led the demonstration said while addressing the party workers,"AAP government is busier in breaking all constitutional norms rather than working for people. The way Janlokpal bill is being presented shows that AAP is least interested in removing corruption, its objective is to hog limelight."
"The way Janlokpal bill has been brought violating legislative norms doesn't augur well for democracy. Had Kejriwal been honest in his intentions he would have sacked his infamous ministers- Somnath Bharati and Manish Sisodia," he added.
The fact is that Kejriwal has failed to deliver on his party's promises. And now he is looking for an exit route and an excuse to justify his government's non-performance. That is why he has been trying desperately to create a constitutional crisis.
Sh. Goel said, ''The BJP will continue to expose AAP and will not rest till corrupt ministers are asked to go. We will not let Kejriwal and his ministers take law in their own hands. The BJP will ensure that constitutional framework is respected."
"The Poorvanchali community feels betrayed. No development work is being undertaken for them. They continue to struggle for jobs, housing and better amenities," said Sh. Vijay Bhagat, president, Poorvanchal Morcha of Delhi BJP 

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