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Immoral AAP exposed by Judicial probe report on Bharati , Court notice against Kejriwal: Vijay Goel

Rajya Sabha MP and former president of Delhi BJP Sh. Vijay Goel  today said that the immoral  and illegal aspects of AAP’s functioning  stand fully exposed after  Somnath Bharati has been  found guilty by a judicial inquiry  in Khirki Extension case and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal  has become one of the accused after notices issued by the court in the defamation case  filed by BJP leader Sh. Nitin Gadkari.
“Why AAP is not taking any action against these two leaders for their criminal acts?  It is a party with fake morality and people are realising it. That is why common people duped by AAP leadership is revolting against it. Form   Gurgaon to  Mumbai,  AAP leadership is being accused by its own party workers of duping them.”
“ In fact there are more cases pending against top AAP leadership including Kejriwal and Bharati when they violated law  during the course of their political drama staged  near Rail Bhawan. I will soon meet the Union Home Minister and take up the cause of expediting these issues,” said Sh. Goel.
Sh. Goel said, “With every passing day , a new expose regarding AAP is coming out. Its Lok Sabha candidates like Anjalai Damanai and Mayank Gandhi are in dock for dubious deals. But the AAP leadership tries to divert the attention away from its own corruption by levelling wild charges against its critics.”
However now with the report of the judicial probe in Khirki Extension case clearly pointing fingers towards former minister Somnath Bharati’s role in this shameful incident, it is clear that AAP is an anti-women party.
It is clear that AAP promotes lawlessness by protecting, promoting and glorifying those who are law-breakers. Such parties are harbingers of anarchy and will be rejected by the people of Delhi and country.

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