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Goel lambasts Rahul for doublespeak; seek answers for inaction of Congress MPs and Govt

Rajya sabha MP, former Delhi BJP President and currently head of the Booth management Cell for Lok Sabha elections 2014, Sh. Vijay Goel today lambasted Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for shedding crocodile tears now after his party colleagues ruined Delhi during their 15 years rule. 
Today Rahul Gandhi is addressing meeting in Delhi expressing his concern for Delhi. I would like to ask him five questions
·        Why didn’t his govt. bring the bill to give full statehood to Delhi?
·        All seven MPs of Delhi were from Congress, Does Sh. Rahul gandhi know that none of them have fully spent the MPLAD fund and infact around Rs 28 crore are lying unspent in this fund? What is his reaction to this “inefficiency” of his MPs?
·        Law and Order is in the jurisdiction of Union home Ministry. If Rahul is really concerned about Delhi, then what action he took on growth of crime against women by more than 500% over the last couple of years?
·        Why did Sheila Dikshit was rewarded with a Governor’s post even as there was clear evidence of corruption against him in Commonwealth games?
·        How many times Rahul raised issues related to Delhi in parliament? Is it not a fact that all 
·        MPs of Congress failed to raise issues related to Delhi in parliament?
The fact of the matter is that Rahul Gandhi himself has attended only about 42% of the parliamentary sittings. He has hardly spoken on any issue within the parliament.In fact Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to speak on any issue related to Delhi.  He played an instrumental role in ensuring support to AAP by Congress which further ruined Delhi during its 49 days rule.
Sh. Goel challenged Congress leaders to come and have a debate on the issue of development in the Capital. “Ten years at the Centre and 15 years in Delhi government is more than enough to transform a city. But Congress did nothing and hence Delhi’ites today are suffering from lack of basic amenities. Especially the JJ clusters, unauthorized colonies and rural areas are in worst condition. The people are going to punish Congress for this. BJP is confident that with its positive agenda of development under leadership of Sh. Narendra Modi, it will win all seven seats in Delhi,” said Sh. Goel

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