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One year term is insufficient for Mayors, provision of Mayor-in-Council is required

With three posts of Mayors in MCDs, coming up for elections, Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today expressed concern that  merely one year term for a Mayor is insufficient.  There is a need to relook at the terms of Mayors and  extend it to atleast a couple of years so that they have time to do something concrete.
Such problems have come up in the MCD due to flawed trifurcation of MCD done by Congress government . It is time to review the trifurcation also and see whether the objectives have been fulfilled or not, he added.
“ The trifurcation of MCDs has introduced many anomalies which is affecting the interest of the common people,” said Sh. Goel.
“There should have been a Mayor-in-Council. There has to be a mechanism which ensures close coordination between all three municipal bodies. A joint coordination committee of three MCDs  should be set-up.  None of this was taken into account as Congress government in Delhi implemented trifurcation in a hurry,” he added
At present a section of the top bureaucracy in all three municipal corporations of Delhi is derailing the efforts of the BJP councilors  to provide better quality services to Delhi’ites.
“The Commissioners in all three MCDs are appointed by Delhi government. There is an overwhelming concentration of powers in their hands while councilors, who are people’s representatives are left with no powers. This has led to a grave situation where sections of bureaucracy are calling shots and people’s representatives have been relegated to the background,” said Sh. Goel
“We all know that the MCD trifurcation was done from purely political point of view and the administrative aspects were ignored. The result is that we have cash strapped MCDs which are largely controlled by bureaucrats appointed by Delhi government, so they refuse to listen to the elected representatives. This must change at earliest,” said Sh. Goel
“ Our aim is to provide good governance and whatever needs to be done to ensure good governance, that would be done,” said Sh. Goel.

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