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Delhi suffering from absence of governance, LG should come out with action plan for power-water crisis

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today demanded that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi should immediately start “Janta Durbars” as in absence of an elected government,  people have no where to go to get their problems resolved.
 “I  am going to meet the LG personally and take up this cause.  The situation on all fronts has been deterioration whether it is power, water, education, public distribution system or public health.  Where can an average Delhi’ite approach if he or she has some problem which is not getting resolved  by the administration? Right now people have no where to go and they are feeling harassed. Junta Durbars   will provide an opportunity to average Delhi’ite to air their grievances at the top level and get them redressed,” said Sh. Goel.
He demanded that these Junta Durbars should be held atleast twice a week and immediate action should be taken by the LG to redress the grievances of common people. This arrangement should continue till Delhi has an elected government.
“ Today Delhi’ites are facing unscheduled power cuts in the name of maintenance by private discoms. They are also getting ready for another round of tariff hike. In addition with the onset of summers , there is a possibility that Delhi could face power shortage. There is no effort to ensure water supply for rural areas, JJ clusters, unauthorised colonies.   Areas like Dwarka in Delhi are facing an acute water crisis and there is no one who is ready to redress the grievances. The Delhi Jal Board and the Power department of Delhi government has failed to cater to these challenges,” said Sh. Goel.
People want to know how the existing administrative set up is planning to deal with the water and power crisis in days to come. There has been no indication so far from the Rajniwas about the course of action in this regard. People of Delhi also want to know how the taxpayers money is being spent by the LG and his team when it comes to welfare schemes for the people.

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