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Top officials not listening to LG, Delhi’ites facing grave power-water crisis

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today  demanded that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi should publicly reveal the action plan  to meet the challenge of  power and water supply for the summer season.  With frequent power cuts across the city and acute shortage of water in most of the areas, it is apparent that Delhi is facing one of the worst summer season.
“The LG has been claiming that he has taken several meetings to deal with this situation.  However, the situation at the ground level defies all claims of administration.  Delhi’ites are facing severe crisis of power and water. In absence of  an elected government in Delhi, the LG has the prime responsibility to  handle this situation,” Sh. Goel said.
“However, the way senior officials in Delhi administration have ignored the LG’s instructions to provide access to  Delhi’ites  for resolving their problems,  it is clear that the current administration is in no mood to deal with people’s issues. This is a grave crisis and should be dealt with immediately,” said Sh. Goel.
It may be recalled here that a few days ago. Sh. Goel had got in touch witnh the LG’s office suggesting holding of “Janta Durbar” after which the LG had  asked the Delhi administration officials to listen to people’s problems. However, the directive was not implemented by many officials.
Sh. Goel said, “To deal with the water crisis, the administration should work on war footing to get water in Munak canal and plug leakage of water from DJB pipelines.  Water tankers should be provided free of cost to areas in adequate numbers where DJB has not given connection. Special emphasis should be given to JJ clusters, rural areas, unauthorised colonies which are facing a harrowing time.  A special action plan is required for Dwarka where lakhs of city residents are  facing one of the worst crisis.”
Sh. Goel also demanded that accountability needs to be fixed with immediate effect on private discoms for unscheduled long power cuts.  The LG should also ensure that there is no move to hike power tariff as Delhi’ites have already experienced more than 72% hike in power tariff over the last couple of years.

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