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DDA’s refusal to allot land for schools for 10 years hurting city’s education

Rajya Sabha MP and Former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today demanded that there should be a permanent and rational policy for nursery admissions in the school.

"With constantly changing rules, parents are on tenterhooks. The current system of nursery admissions is completely insensitive," said Sh. Goel.

"It is sad and unfortunate that Delhi does not have a proper admission policy which is parent and children friendly. This has created havoc. The Delhi administration is playing with future of lakhs of children. This can't be allowed."

Sh. Goel said, "The LG should have taken parents and schools representatives before framing the admission policy. But he did not take any other stakeholder in confidence and the result has been a big mess."

"We need to have better Govt schools and more schools to ensure admission for all nursery students smoothly. DDA has not allotted land for new school in the city for the last 10 years while the number of schools have increased manifold."

The situation on education front has deteriorated during Congress rule in Delhi. The AAP Govt in city further added to the mess on nursery admission. They did not take any initiative to set things right. In fact they added to the confusion.

"If the Govt. schools improve their education standards, more schools are opened in every area and a permanent policy of admission for at least five years is put into place which is formulated jointly by all stakeholders, then only we can find a solution to this issue."

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