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India all set to usher into new era of development

The emphatic victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in the Lok Sabha 2014 polls is a positive mandate and augurs well for the country as the BJP contested this poll on the key issue of ‘Good Governance’. It is a heartening signal for our democracy that the people of India are voting decisively in favour of development.   

This mandate has also made it clear that Shri Narendra Modi‘s actions spoke louder than the words of his opponents. I think it is time to look ahead. There are new challenges. And the hard work has just begun, we need to work even more harder now to realise the dreams we have for India. Modiji has already given a clear indication that BJP’s philosophy of governance is “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. We have done this in the past and reaped benefits in the form of an increasing support. The Gujarat Development Model is a clear example of how a welfare government should work with the basic mantra of “Justice for all, appeasement for none”.

In fact, the BJP governments have been perpetually breaking the myth of anti-incumbency wherever they are. In fact our governments have brought into light the ‘pro-incumbency’ factor. We will be having the same pro-incumbency factor now in days and years to come with Shri Narendra Modi leading the government.

BJP has got overwhelming support from all sections of society and especially the youth and the first time voters. India is a young country. It is quite natural that the youth will be having the greatest expectations from the BJP government. I am sure under the leadership of Modiji, we are capable of delivering solid performance and setting up new milestones. With the right kind of intention, a positive mandate and support from all sections of the society, India will now be ushered into a new era of development.

Vision for Delhi

My visions for Delhi stems from these inspiring words of Swami Vivekanada. I sincerely believe that Delhi has enough number of brave, bold men and women who can make it not only one of the best cities.

My vision for Delhi is that it should be a city of opportunities where people

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