Vijay Goel

What double standards!

Desperate situations often result in despertae moves. That is how I would term the attempt by some vested interests to rake up issue of Lord Rama's poster in background at the Faizabadd rally addressed by Sh. Narendra Modi.

For BJP, more than anything, Lord ‘Rama” is a symbol of cultural nationalism, so there is nothing wrong in having his picture in backdrop!

Sh. Modi has always made his priorities clear. His focus is on development and not on whipping up religious sentiments. In fact the Conngress and Samajwadi party leaders as well as some other parties are trying to whip up religious frenzy by making irresponsible statements.

In stark contrast Sh. Modi's response has been balanced and very mature. This is what Sh. Modi said in his speech at Faizabad, “"I assure you from Bhagwan Ram's land, I will fight corruption throughout my life. I have seen poverty, that's why I have the courage to say this."  Is there anything wrong if one invokes Lord Rama to fight corruption?

I think tomorrow congress will start complaining that people on roads should not greet each other with “Ram Ram”!  Those who are criticising us for having that poster of Lord Rama in the backdrop are actually pusedo-secularists. It also shows desperation of Congress and anti-BJP forces who are now opposing Modi for the sake of doing it

Congress has no moral right to even talk about it as Ms Sonia Gandhi had met Imam Bukhari openly invoking religion to get votes for her party. I am surprised why she was not reprimanded strongly by the Election Commission. Why these double standards? And here even a poster of a national icon is giving trouble to pusedo-secularists! What double standards!

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