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Goel writes to LG, demands ‘prudence check’ of DISCOMS

Rajya Sabha MP and Former Union Minister Sh. Vijay Goel today asked Delhi LG Najeeb Jung to take action against DISCOMS for their failure to upgrade distribution network resulting in long and unscheduled power cuts.
In a letter to the LG, Sh. Goel said, "Delhi’ites are facing one of the worst power crisis during these summers. The DISCOMS and the DERC have failed to perform their duties and they need to be penalised and pulled up." 
"The primary reason for these power cuts appears to be extremely poor distribution capability of DISCOMS. The DISCOMS, to my knowledge, has not spent required amount of funds to upgrade the infrastructure and hence we are witnessing the collapse of the distribution system in the Capital. In most parts of Delhi old transmission lines have not been upgraded or replaced in time, hence they are not able to take an increasing load," he added. 
The DISCOMS are supposed to get “prudence check” done regularly but they haven’t done it since 2008. The prudence should be done immediately and the details should be shared with public, said Sh. Goel. Prudence Check reveals the amount of money that was supposed to be spent by DISCOMS to fulfill their responsibilities and the amount actually spent by them.
Sh. Goel said, "The LG should immediately order the DISCOMS to make calls to their complaint numbers toll free. The complainants are often asked to hold on for several minutes and hence they are forced to bear the burden of call charges. This amount is substantial for a normal consumer given the frequency of power cuts and the number of times a consumer has to contact the DISCOMS’ complaint desks. Instead of consumer, it should  be the DISCOM which should bear the burden." 
Meanwhile to redress complaints, there should be enough number of complaint centres where complaints can be filed manually also. Senior officials of the DISCOMS should attend complaints at these centres especially when elected representatives such as legislators, councilors etc come to such centres.
Sh. Goel had met Union Power Minister Sh. Piyush Goyal along with a number of Delhi BJP MLAs to discuss the issue.

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