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Centre has shown timely concern for power, water reforms in Delhi in Budget: Goel

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today  thanked the  Union government for ushering Delhi into a new era of power and water reforms by allocating Rs 700 crore for the same in the union budget.
“ This was a much awaited step and will go a long way in ensuring  water supply to all Delhi’ites in the long run. More than half of Delhi residents do not get piped water supply regularly. The quality and quantity of water is under constraint in the Capital of the country and the water sector needs complete revamp for which neither the Congress government did anything nor AAP government took any steps.
Similarly the power reforms will help to have better and more transparent system of power supply. In absence of reforms during the Congress regime, the power sector in Delhi has become a major source of trouble for common people,” said Sh. Goel.
The Union  Finance Minister Sh. Arun Jaitley has also announced setting up of a “Hastkala Centre” in Delhi. This would add to the rich  cultural legacy of Delhi and put the city on world map in terms of promotion of Indian handicraft, said Sh. Goel.
The Budget 2014-15 has made a strong visionary statement and showed the intent of the government. “Women safety, urban renewal, employment generation and  use of technology have been given high priority. This is bound to benefit city like Delhi where all these issues are important,” said Sh. Goel.

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My visions for Delhi stems from these inspiring words of Swami Vivekanada. I sincerely believe that Delhi has enough number of brave, bold men and women who can make it not only one of the best cities.

My vision for Delhi is that it should be a city of opportunities where people

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