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Power subsidy in Delhi budget will benefit bulk of consumers: Goel

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today welcomed the provision made for power subsidy in the Delhi budget presented by Union Finance Minister Sh. Arun Jaitley in Lok Sabha today. No new taxes have been imposed in the budget for Delhi which will provide great relief to the people of Delhi. The announcements made in the Delhi budget clearly show that  led by Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi,  the NDA government  is taking concrete steps to fulfil all the commitments which were made during poll campaign, said Sh. Goel
“When AAP ruled Delhi for 49 days, it did not make any provisions for the power subsidy to continue in the long run and hence consumers were burdened with higher electricity bills but now with provision of a subsidy ranging from 80 paisa per unit Rs 1.20 per unit for consumers using upto 400 units of electricity will go a long way in easing the burden on them,” said Sh. Goel. The bulk of consumers in Delhi will be covered by this subsidy, he added.
Sh. Goel also hailed the Delhi budget for announcing six new hostels for working women and sewage and water facilities for unauthorised colonies.  Both Congress and AAP had only paid lip service to the cause of unauthorised colonies in Delhi but the BJP government has shown its resolve to implement the welfare measures on the ground, said Sh. Goel.
  The Delhi Budget has also made provision for increasing number of beneficiaries of old age pension from 3.9 lakh to 4.3 lakh which will benefit the senior citizens.  In addition, the provision constructing a multispeciality hospital in rural area in South Delhi and setting up of a new medical college in Rohini will greatly improve the access to health facilities for the city residents. The provision for constructing public toilets in JJ clusters is another major step which would make difference in lives of lakhs of people living in these clusters in the city.
While the Congress government had shut down many government schools in the city and AAP government had failed to take any steps to address this situation, the union finance minister has announced setting up of 20 government schools. “This was a much awaited announcement as the education system in the city is crumbling due to complete neglect of government run schools in the past.”
To address the water crisis in the city, the BJP led NDA government has announced setting up of two new water treatment plants and a connecting canal between Munak canal and Haiderpur water treatment plant. This will go a long way in ensuring regular water supply to larger number of city residents, said Sh. Goel.

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