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For next housing scheme, build houses under public – private partnership – Vijay Goel

Rajya Sabha MP and Former BJP Delhi President Shri Vijay Goel today met DDA Vice Chairman Shri Balwinder Kumar and clearly stated Delhi Development Authority should reserve 80% flats in its new housing scheme for Delhiites which offers 25,600 flats across the city. He further added that, if required, he would meet the Urban Development Minister and the Prime Minister, in this regard.
Stating that the decision taken by DDA is wrong, Mr. Goel said that, “Its Delhi Development Authority and not Hindustan Development Authority where people from all across the country can apply for a flat. People who say that Delhi is the capital of the country and people from all across India can apply here for flats; are forgetting that people from various states are settled here and are migrating to the national capital in large numbers wherein many of them can’t afford expensive land or flats. If there are no flats left for them, where will they go?”
Shri Vijay Goel told DDA Vice Chairman that in future whatever provision there is for building new flats, DDA should consider Public-Private Partnership, which will further ensure that better quality flats are built.
Shri Goel said that, “I had also raised this issue of reservation of flats for people staying and working in Delhi back in 2010, when a scheme of 16,000 DDA flats was launched.” He further added that people from outside Delhi are interested in investing in these flats because they are cheaper than market rates.
Most people end up selling these flats to Delhi residents in black market which further results in an increase in property rates.
Surprisingly, it’s been noted that people with a 10 sq yard piece of land or a small flat, cannot apply for these flats wherein people from outside Delhi  having a 2000 sq yards flat, can still book these small flats.
Bringing Vice Chairman’s attention on the poor condition of parks, litter lying at Rohini greenbelt, cleaning of piles of dried leaves, pending underground parking at Yamuna Vihar, and drawing attention towards an alternate plant for farmers, Mr. Goel said that boundary walls should be built around all vacant DDA plots. Else they end up becoming a dumping ground or a place where small shanties built which will further cause problem to nearby residents. 

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