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MP Vijay Goel advocated for facilities for Delhi Police in Rajya Sabha

During a discussion in Rajya Sabha on the functioning of Home Ministry in the presence of Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh; Rajya Sabha MP Shri Vijay Goel advocated for the need of more facilities for Delhi Police. We have a lot of expectations from Delhi Police. In the absence of adequate facilities, how can any personnel from Delhi Police function properly? Delhi Police has strength of 87,000 personnel out of which around 10% are suffering from mental illness.
Till date, the Delhi Police gets an allowance for cycle at Rs. 20/month and those who have cars get allowance of Motor Cycle and that too Rs. 150/month, with which one can buy only 2 litre of petrol. Their uniforms are such that one doesn’t even feel like wearing them.
Mr. Goel said that, “Para-military and Delhi Police personnel do not raise their voices because they are disciplined, which is why their voices are being raised in the house today. There are not even 5% houses for 87,000 policemen; there should be a provision for more houses for them. Cops are 24*7 on duty, even on holidays like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan etc. If we want to curb corruption in police, then we must aim to reduce their working hours of duty. Their house rent is 15% of their basic salary and a sub-inspector gets only Rs. 2000 as rent amount.
Demanding more leaves for them Mr. Goel said that, “Holidays for personnel of Delhi Police are almost negligible and such an image has been created about them that every policeman is perceived to be corrupt.”
The Home Minister in his response to the issue raised in Parliament by Mr. Goel said that, “Our Ministry will consider providing more facilities to Delhi Police and will also focus on the issue of about 10% of 87,000 policemen suffering from mental illness as reported in the parliament.”
Mr. Goel also said that, “With recent events happening globally that pose a threat to human existence, India is the only country where Hindus across the globe can take shelter when in pain.  However, the cost for application for Indian Citizenship has been raised by 20 fold from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 which is burdensome for these people. The Government should consider giving them Indian Citizenship because
India is the only place for Hindu’s all across the globe.
Shri Vijay Goel also raised the issue of infiltration in the country and highlighted that around 2 – 5 crore illegal immigrants have entered India through Assam and other places. There should be National Register for Citizenship for them. It is because of this infiltration that our culture has been distinctly affected by it at various places.
The Home Minister gave assurance that they will put in consideration the framework for National Register for Citizenship and will soon implement it.

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