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Goel meets LG regarding development of Chandni Chowk

Rajya Sabha MP and Former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel called North Delhi Municipal Corporation’s decision to give complete exemption from property tax on heritage buildings, a historic event.
Mr. Goel said that, “We have been struggling for this for many years and on December 20th, 2013 as President, Delhi BJP with leaders of all three corporations, we had collectively taken a decision to waive off tax on heritage properties.”
Mr. Goel said that, “Like North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi & East Delhi Municipal Corporation should also consider waiving off tax on heritage buildings and properties. This would encourage heritage conservation in the city.
On 25th February, 2010 Urban Development Department in Delhi Government issued a notification with a list declaring 767 heritage sites in the city. Four years hence Municipal Corporation of Delhi through Section 490A and 115 (1) has relieved these heritage buildings from property tax.
Around 181 buildings which include Private Havelis, Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Hospitals, Town Hall, Bank Buildings, School etc are located in Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi. And most of these buildings are in a decaying and dilapidating condition. 
Mr. Goel said that, “Inhabitants of these private havelis cannot successfully maintain these properties wherein the third – fourth generation of owners of these havelis do not appreciate and treasure the relevance of these havelis and end up selling at dirt cheap price to either builders or are destroying it structure through half hazard construction. Government should allocate fund for maintenance of facades’ of these private havelis, else a day will come when not a single haveli would be left in Chandni Chowk.
Mr. Goel said that, “Shahjahanabad Development Board and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has completely failed in fulfilling its responsibilities. Mr. Vijay Goel met Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr. Najeeb Jung in this regard and expressed his concern over condition of Heritage Structures in Old Delhi and across Delhi and said that, Government should immediately take steps in this regards.

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