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Goel urges Police Commissioner to crack down on child trafficking in Delhi, equip force to handle child traffickers

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today urged the Delhi Police Commissioner Sh. B.S. Bassi to launch a special driver against child trafficking. In wake of the “Jahanvi incident”, Sh. Goel met Sh. Bassi today and shared his concern over the Capital of the country gaining notoriety.
“On an average 18 children go missing everyday from Delhi, and one fourth of them are never found. In the year 2013, around 6500 children went missing from Delhi, 53 per cent of them were girls and around 1440 of them were not found,” said Sh. Goel.
It is clear that Delhi has become a major hub for child trafficking. This is a cause of grave concern as our police force doesn’t seem to be well equipped to handle this situation.
“Delhi Police needs to have better training, specialised units to handle such cases and there is an urgent need of a mobile application to facilitate search operation. We have seen in Jahanvi’s case that social media and technology can be every effective in finding lost children.”
Sh. Goel also told the Police Commissioner that the Delhi Police should launch special recruitment drive to recruit more women personnel.  The women personnel should constitute at least 33 percent of the Delhi Police.
Sh. Goel suggested that the Delhi Police should start registering online FIRs for atleast non-cognizable offences. The complainants should be allowed to lodge their complaints online and the FIR should be registered digitally. This will help a large number of people who face lot of difficulty in registering their complaints in police stations even for petty offences. This would also reduce pressure on the local police stations. To this, the commissioner assured Mr. Goel that soon FIR will be registered online.
Sh. Goel pointed out to the Commissioner of Police that a large number of unclaimed vehicles have been lying in several parts of Delhi. They should be identified and removed immediately as this would help to ease the traffic congestion. Also, the Delhi Traffic Police should take action against commercial vehicles being parked in several residential areas and local markets.

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