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Better compensation will boost moral of cops risking their lives on the line of duty: Goel

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today urged in a letter to Union Home Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh  that adequate compensation should be paid to the martyred cop Jagbir’s family. He also urged the Home Minister to take up the case of the injured Delhi Constable Narendra and suggested that Narendra should also be rewarded for his bravery.
In his letter to the Union Home Minister, Sh. Goel said, “I urge you that adequate compensation should be paid to the family of the martyred cop.  This would help the bereaved family and go a long way in boosting the moral of all those brave cops who put their lives at risk to make Delhi safe for its citizens.
I also urge you to give appropriate directions to the authorities concerned that atleast one member of the martyr’s family should be immediately offered a suitable government job.
Constable Narendra should also be rewarded appropriately for the brave act of reaching police station for help despite being shot.”
 The martyred cop Jagbir, had served in the Army prior to joining the Delhi Police in 2008. He was given the Best Beat Officer award twice during his six-year stint with the force. 
The Delhi Police Constables Jagbir and Narendra had signalled an auto-driver to stop while doing night patrol duty. They asked him to take it to the nearby police station when one of the men inside shot Constable Jagbir in the chest. An injured Jagbir asked constable Narendra to rush to the police station and get help, telling him that he would not allow the criminals to escape till then.
However the assailants in the auto-rickshaw also shot Narendra but still he managed to reach the police station and inform a colleague before collapsing. Meanwhile,  showing exemplary bravery and commitment to his duty Jagbir hung on to the auto-rickshaw and was dragged for almost 50 metres.The two policemen were taken to a hospital where Jagbir was declared dead on arrival while Narendra is under treatment.

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