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Goel seeks union law ministry’s intervention to resolve DU law faculty issue

Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi University Students Union President Sh. Vijay Goel today sought Union Law Minister Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad’s intervention to ensure that law graduates from around 70 colleges including Delhi University’s faculty of law are allowed to enroll as advocate and they shouldn’t get punished for no fault of their.
In a letter to the Union Law Minister Sh. Goel said, “While the BCI may have a justified point but why should the students of these institutes suffer for any dereliction of duty by the management and faculty members of these institutes, universities and law colleges. They have spent three precious years of their lives to make a career in legal profession and now they are being stopped from being enrolled as advocates for no fault of theirs.”
The impact of this situation is being felt across all over the country as the law graduates and students affected due to the BCI’s directives are spread over a number of states, said Sh. Goel.
“The students who are in first, second and third year of the law course in these colleges are also looking at a ruined career even before it has begun for them. I am deeply concerned by these developments as the students and their parents are running from pillar to post to get some assurance regarding safety of the carrer of these young men and women,” he added
“In view of these circumstances, I urge you to intervene in this matter and find a solution to assure that the law graduates from Delhi University and several other colleges should be able to  get a  registered as advocates with bar council while ensuring that the  quality of legal education is not compromised,” said Sh. Goel.
He added, “I would also urge you to ensure that if any of the colleges is disaffiliated by the BCI, then a provision should be made to shift the students to a recognised law college in future so that they do not suffer due to carelessness of the management or faculty of such institutes. “

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