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Goel participates in cleanliness drive in Lakshmi Nagar

Rajya Sabha MP and Former BJP Delhi President Shri Vijay Goel today met MCD Commissioner Shri P.K Gupta and told him today it is important to make MCD more active especially in Chandni Chowk area which attracts thousands of tourists. There is a urgent need to clean up the area and to lay the overhead wires, underground. 
Today Shri Goel visited Lakshmi Nagar area with Chairman of Standing Committee of EDMC Shri B.B Tyagi and participated in a cleanliness drive with party workers and cleaned road and park.
Shri Goel visited Lalita Park to take observe the condition of DJB’s Rainy well. The area surrounding it was in a filthy condition, a breedin ground for mosquitoes and growth of unnecessary wild grass and plants which has led to fear of outbreak of diseases in the area. Looking at this condition, Shri Goel immediately spoke to the Jal Board CEO Shri Vijay Kumar asked him to get the area cleaned in a week’s time.
Shri Goel called upon members of RWA, common man and made an appeal to public that everyone should contribute towards this endeavour of keeping their area clean. People should immediately inform their area councilor or register complaint on MCD helpline to report places where garbage is lying around in the area.
Today at the Cleanliness Drive, Shri Vijay Goel was accompanied by Chairman of Standing Committee Sh. B.B Tyagi, Mandal President Smt Sandhya Pandey, District Gen Secy Shri Rajesh Gupta and party workers.
Shri Goel said, “Various departments are unaware of their assets and location of their buildings wherein vacant spaces are not even being utilized because of which these places are becoming filthy and dirty.

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