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Goel welcomes cabinet decision to regularize unauthorized colonies

Rajya Sabha MP and Former President BJP Delhi Shri Vijay Goel welcomed the step taken by Modi Government to provide much needed relief to inhabitants of unauthorized colonies. The Cabinet recently approved an amendment to the existing guidelines that enables regularization of all unauthorized colonies that have come up till June 1, 2014.
Shri Goel said, “The amendment brings much needed respite to over 60 lakhs people by giving legal status to at least 1,939 such colonies.” He further added that in August, 2008 under the banner of ‘Federation of Unauthorized Colonies’ he had launched a mass movement to ensure regularization of such colonies. He says, “It is the result of our hardwork and persistence, I gladly welcome this amendment.”
Further to this, Shri Goel said that he is regularly doing blankets and old clothes donation drive across the national capital territory of Delhi. He has undertaken a mission to provide blankets and warm clothes for Delhi’s homeless and made an appeal to public to donate such items which would provide them some relief in such harsh weather conditions.
Shri Goel said, “These donations can be made at Lok Abhiyan’s office in Bengali Market which would further be distributed amongst homeless and slum dwellers. People, who are unable to visit the ‘Lok Abhiyan’ office, can request for van collection from the home or office. Such requests can be made by contacting us on 011-23722020.”
Shri Goel also thanked people for making such generous contributions and salute their will for coming forward to help Delhi’s poor and homeless.

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