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AAP, Congress should not indulge in ‘smear campaign’: Goel

Thousands of young boys and girls today participated in ‘Jhuggi Jhopdi Ka Vikas, Daudo Modi Ke Saath’ run which was organized by BJP Delhi. This run was lead by MP and Former BJP Delhi President Shri Vijay Goel and MP Shri Udit Raj. 
Shri Goel is overseeing election campaign work which directly impacts over 30 lakh people living in JJ clusters across Delhi. The turnout was indeed a reflection of hope that people from JJ clusters across Delhi have from Modi Government.
On this occasion Shri Goel said, “AAP and Congress have always indulged in false accusations to lure people for vote bank. BJP has focused its appeal on 5 major problems in these areas. Firstly, we promise to build houses for Jhuggi-Jhopri dwellers at the site of their slum only. Secondly, everyone will be issued ‘Ration Cards’ and people will also be given sugar and cooking oil. Thirdly, taking forward Modiji’s initiative, toilets will be built in every household. Cheaper electricity and water supply for every home will be made available in these areas.”
Shri Goel said, “Policemen or any other official personnel caught taking bribe from JJ dweller or street vendor, will be duly punished. For this purpose, a team of youth will be formed to keep an eye around.”
Shri Udit Raj said, “Participation of thousands of youth validates that people cannot be easily influenced and I am pleased to see the response we are getting. I reinstate Modiji’s commitment; every JJ dweller will be given a house in place of their slum dwelling.  In the last 15 years, Congress Government did nothing for people living in JJ clusters.
BJP Vice President Shri Jai Prakash said, “Campaign in JJ clusters across Delhi is in full swing and we are trying to solve the tiniest of problems being faced by them. On coming to power in Delhi, we will ensure that people from JJ clusters get maximum employment.

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