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People should be given at least 2 months to make alternate arrangements before their vehicles are confiscated

Rajya Sabha MP and Former BJP Delhi President Shri Vijay Goel said the ban by National Green Tribunal on diesel vehicles older than 10years has been passed in a hurry.
Although a correct decision, the decision has come late and has been suddenly put across the public. People should be given at least 2 months to make alternate arrangements before their vehicles are confiscated.
Pointing out that a similar decision was taken last November by National Green tribunal to ban 15 year old vehicles, Mr. Goel said that the government was not able to implement the decision and now a more stricter law has been adopted to ban 10 year old vehicles. Will the National Green Tribunal only pass laws or also look into how these laws will be implemented. 
Set aside vehicles that are 10-year old, 8-year old vehicles will also not find buyers in the market. The people in this case will be affected the most, who own private vehicles, to the total of almost 5,38,000 and out of these around 1,50,000 are more than 10 year old.

Shri Goel also said that he tried to contact the Chief Secretary of Delhi but he was out of town. Further he pointed out that this ban is unfair, as the order was passed yesterday and the vehicles are being confiscated today itself. This will also give rise to the corruption levels in the city.

 He also said that in order to save the environment in Delhi, the tribunal should motivate people to buy CNG cars by decreasing the excise duty and registration fee and at the same time, it should increase the excise duty and registration fee for diesel cars. This will motivate people to buy petrol and CNG cars on their own.

Shri Goel also said that while passing such laws, the Motor Vehicle Act should also be amended simultaneously.

Not only diesel cars, Delhi should also speed up the bypass projects to decrease the 80,000 number of trucks that enter Delhi every day.  Apart from this, the tribunal should meet elected representatives to take more steps regarding this issue. 

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