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Hundreds of Muslims participated in yoga at Goel’s residence

On the behest of PM Narendra Modi, International Yoga Day will be organized in the country on 21 June. Hundreds of Muslim brothers participated in the Yoga programme today which was organized by BJP MP Shri Vijay Goel at his residence. Many Mulla-Maulavis also participated in the event. In the programme, BJP Vice-President Mr. Ram Jaju was also present.
The Acharya present in the programme, Acharya Ved Bhushan helped everyone perform various yoga postures including anulom-vilom, Kapalbhatti, Pranayam and Bhasrika. The Muslim community participated in the programme with great enthusiasm.
Shri Goel said some Muslim friends had met him a while back and had expressed their interest to be a part of the yoga movement so that it sends out a message that the Muslim community supports the endeavours of PM Modi in organizing the International Yoga Day.
A few fundamentalist groups have tried to agitate the religious sentiments by linking yoga with religion. Through the programme today, a message has been sent out that the Muslims are a part of the country’s national and cultural activities.
Shri Goel also said that yoga is a mental and physical exercise and is a part of the human system.  177 nations of the world have joined the yoga movement. Except Yemen, people from almost all the Muslim nations will participate in the yoga activities all across the country.
Shri Jaju said that on 21st June, International Yoga Day, a large number of people from the Muslim community will take part in the yoga activities. People from different religion and communities will participate in the yoga activities to be held all over the country. People from diverse backgrounds can adopt yoga in their own way while worshipping their own religion.
Social activist Shri Firoze Bakht Ahmed said yoga is not linked to any religion and Namaaz also has many yoga postures. Shri Abdul Rashid, Shri Aatif Rashid and many others also presented their views. 

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