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Statement issued by Shri Vijay Goel MP and President of Heritage India Foundation at a Press Conference held on 11th Dec 2015, New Delhi

New Delhi, December 11, 2015: Shahazhanabad, Old Delhi is a 400 year-old heritage that was getting dilapidated by the day. In order to draw attention to its deteriorating condition the Save Heritage – Save Chandni Chowk “Heritage Marathon” is being organized on the 13th Dec 2015 at 10am. The marathon will commence from Dharampura, Jama Masjid Gate no. 7.The route to be followed thereafter is Dariba Fountain Chowk, Town Hall, Fatehpuri and finally Khari Baoli Chowk. This marathon will be led by the Heritage India Foundation President, Shri Vijay Goel, MoS PMO Shri Jitender Singh, MP Shri Manoj Tiwari, Shri Chandan Mitra, Mayor Ravindra Gupta, MCD Commissioner P.K. Gupta etc. Members of Parliament from Delhi are especially requested to join in this endeavor.
Shahazhanabad, Old Delhi has nearly 525 havelis that were constructed in that 19th and 20th century. The architecture in these havelis has had the influence of Hindu, Mughal, British and European art. These structures are the center of a lot of attention, yet almost all of them are in a pathetic condition. Despite the government declaring these structures as ‘protected’, no major steps are being taken and only inspector raj is being practiced.
Goel said that Shahazhanabad Development Board has no power and no vision for changing the sorry situation of Chandni chowk and feels more power should be given to it for it to take any stern steps.
He further mentioned that even today there is so much space in Chandni Chowk, that a 40 acre park can be constructed. But, the only requirement is good administration. As more than 30% of the houses are either unoccupied or unused, a law needs to come into place to combat the situation. Most buildings are prone to accidents as they are in a extremely dangerous condition.
He also added that there is a major traffic jam problem in this area as there is absolute absence of traffic planning. Worsening the situation is the presence of wholesale markets. A huge number of rickshaws and e – rickshaws have taken over the tracks and thus leaving no space for pedestrians. Where 200 rickshaws should ideally be present, 2000 are! As a result of this mess, neither the public can enjoy nor the rickshaw drivers can earn their living.
Goel also points out the huge problem of unauthorized construction in Chandni Chowk. Illegal construction is being practiced even at the havelis that have been declared ‘protected’ by the government.
Old Delhi and New Delhi railway stations in themselves can be labeled as heritage buildings. There is absolutely no administration there. The evidence being, running of roadside stalls, restaurants etc., right outside the main gates of the railway stations.
As thick electric wires keep dangling at random spots, nobody can say that Delhi is the national capital and Chandni Chowk it’s heart. Foreign tourists are amused by the fact that such a type of city exists where there are open wires, constant traffic jams and encroachments. Neither the Centre government, Delhi government and nor the MCD has any substantial scheme to revive the city of Old Delhi.
Goel further mentioned that he will continue with his efforts through the medium of Heritage India Foundation and if any of the government bodies need support, he would be more than willing to help. He already has  begun with efforts in Dharampura area (near Jama Masjid) so that whenever a foreign tourist visits tourist spots such as Jama Masjid, Jain temples or Havelis, he/she can take back an encouraging picture of the capital.
The marathon is being organized with the support of RWA and local shopkeepers and a committee has also been established for the same. The conveners of the same are Suman Gupta and Jai Prakash and the co – conveners are Ajay Bhardwai, Shyam Singh and Dhruv.

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