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An attack on the unity of the country will not be tolerates – Vijay Goel

Today, under the leadership of Shri Vijya Goel ‘Lok Abhiyaan’ along with more than twenty social organizations staged a protest against anti-national activities in the capital.
Mr. Goel said the protest is not to demand anything, but instead to showcase our objection towards the anti-national activities occurring in the country. Sympathy for a convicted terrorist and slogans against the country were raised in a renowned university in the Capital, and no citizen can accept this. More of such street displays, programs and meetings in localities etc. will continue till that time political parties including the Congress stop daring to support anti – national activities.
Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that while Modi promotes Make in India, other parties are busy promoting Break in India. Government of India is working hard to try and connect people from all walks of life in the nation so that the country can develop and Indian people can enjoy a better standard of living, and thus will not entertain any activities that are detrimental to this process. Some parties for their personal benefit are failing to understand that in doing so they are not only harming the country but also their parties.
Mr. Goel also said that while on one hand where the Modi Government is continuously pursuing efforts to bring in new and innovative policies and schemes and do effective work, on the other side anti – national people at JNU are trying to malign the image of an education institution. Frivolous behavior of the Congress can be attributed to their nervousness after seeing the development of the nation under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr. Goel said that he strongly condemns physical assault to anyone, but the real question is why are we not condemning the attack on the unity of the country. 
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