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Kejriwal government should apologize to the public for using their tax money on unnecessary adverts – Vijay Goel

Member of Parliament Vijay Goel will pay the fine of Rs2000 on Monday as a mark of his protest against the gross misuse of public funds. Sharpening his attack on the Delhi government, Goel demands an answer as to exactly what amount has been spent on the publicity of the Odd Even scheme amounting to crores of rupees? There is not a single commercial hoarding in Delhi spared of Kejriwal’s photo under the garb of Odd Even scheme. The same scenario resonates in newspapers, TV channels and radio stations.
Mr. Goel has demanded that the CM should be personally liable to refund the expenditure on the publicity of the scheme to the public exchequer. This demand is not a new one as even earlier Lokyutka and courts have given rulings wherein money has been recovered from individuals.
Mr. Goel also said that his Facebook statement clearly states that his protest is against the political posturing by AAP which is using the Odd Even scheme’s publicly funded advertising budget to plaster Kejriwal’s photo everywhere. I am saddened by the fact that instead of answering my questions, CM’s reply via a tweet misrepresented my statement and falsely claimed that my party and me are against the scheme. In fact my Facebook statement mentioned that if it is being stated that the scheme was a success in its first phase then the Delhi government should make it permanent. But, instead the AAP will play this ludo game every 15 days and get an opportunity for publicity.
The fact of the matter is that the January phase of the scheme was during school holidays and despite that pollution levels did not decrease. Probably even Kejriwal government is aware that due to the lack of transport infrastructure, non-action on other major pollutants and routine school season, this scheme is bound to fail in this phase. This is the reason the AAP is spreading rumors that it is the BJP that is opposing.
If Odd Even 2.0 is successful then the credit will go to the AAP and if it is unsuccessful due to the public getting tired of paying the fine of Rs. 2000 or some many other reasons then as usual the AAP will blame the BJP for failure.
Mr. Goel added that a fine of Rs 2000 is extreme and uncalled for and should be reduced.  For instance, fatal actions like breaking the red light or not wearing the seat belt attract a far lesser fine. It would be nice to witness the Delhi government giving roses to people who break the Odd Even rule as a token of their support for this scheme, instead of fining them. Why were 1311 people fined and not given roses on Day 1 of the scheme?
Mr. Goel finally said that he is for any endeavor that is in the interest e of Delhi, reduces pollution and traffic congestion or brings relief to the people of Delhi. 

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