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The protest will continue until a detailed account of the expenditure under the garb of the Odd Even scheme is provided – Goel

First they give a flower and then slap a fine of Rs.2000 on the public. Keeping his promise, Member of Parliament Mr. Vijay Goel drove from his house and paid the fine. Mr. Goel said that the sequence of events unfolded as was expected. First Delhi’s transport minister Mr. Gopal Rai came to his residence offering him a flower. In return Mr. Goel gave him a bouquet of flowers with the demand that the AAP stop the corruption under the name of Odd Even scheme and if not then Goel’s protest will continue.
Mr. Goel said that they give me a flower and then fined me as well the same way other citizens are also cheated. The problem is that Mr. Kejriwal says that if someone disobeys the Odd Even rule then give them a flower with all love and kindness.
Mr. Goel added that he is happy that the right message has been received by the people of Delhi through his protest; which is that the Kejriwal government is spending hard earned tax money of the public amouting to crores of rupees on self – publicity and political gain. The surprising fact is that the money owed to the people of Delhi is not only being spent on ridiculous advertisements in Delhi but also in other states. Why do the AAP ministers and the CM cycle and carpool only for a few days? Why don’t they set an example and follow this practice everyday and do their bit.
Mr. Goel also said that the transport minister Mr. Gopal Rai had no answers as to why is the fine on not wearing a life saving helmet only Rs200 and that on the Odd Even rule is Rs2000?
Mr. Goel said that why are people being charged Rs21,000 if they want to buy a car with an alternate number i.e. if they want to purchase an odd numbered car if they have an even numbered car? There is also no action on Uber and Ola who are exploiting the people. 
The people who are today teaching us the law of the land, I want to remind them of the times when the AAP despite being the governing party sat on a protest on 26th January, when Mr. Kejriwal climbed an electricity pole, when he refused to pay the electricity bill and when your leaders were being caught on charges of corruption?
He said that everyone wants the Odd Even scheme to be a success except the AAP. AAP wants the scheme to fail and then put the blame of the failure on my party, the BJP and me. Hence, they haven’t implemented this scheme with full planning.  Moreover, there has been no action on major reasons of pollution such as road dust, industrial emissions, solid waste burning etc. and the neglect on these factors is the major reason that we don’t see pollution levels rising despite the Odd Even scheme. Lastly, without any application of mind some people have been exempted from the scheme and there is also no sense to the list of VIPs that have been exempted and those that haven’t.
Mr. Goel said that he was fined with his will, where he offered to pay the fine for not having his license at that moment like any other ordinary citizen. He had all other required papers, so this is a non-issue. If it wasn’t for the protest then “my car is always driven by my driver.” 

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