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MP Vijay Goel asks 8 questions to the Kejriwal government pertaining to the Odd Even Scheme:

MP Vijay Goel asks 8 questions to the Kejriwal government pertaining to the Odd Even Scheme:
If someone with an odd numbered car wants to purchase a second car with an even number or vice –a- versa then he will have to shell out at least Rs. 20,000. Why is the government auctioning out car numbers?
Who will compensate for the 15-day salary of the driver?
What about the fact that the revenue the government gets from charging road tax would be reduced? Will the government compensate taxpayers for the days they cannot use the service for which they are duly paying for?
When will the government provide a detailed account of the expenditure amounting to crores of rupees done on the Odd Even scheme?
The government should stop publicizing this scheme as pollution reduction scheme and should instead put out the truth i.e. it reduces only traffic congestion that too through forced fines
What about commercial taxis that pollute the most?
By what percentage has the sale of cars risen in the capital post the Odd Even scheme? 
Mr. Goel said that the Kejriwal government is exploiting the people of Delhi and is extorting money from all corners under the name of the Odd Even scheme. If someone has an odd numbered car in the house and wants to purchase a second car, it is obvious that he/she would want to purchase an even numbered car.
If you want to specifically purchase either an odd or even numbered car then you would have to at least pay Rs.20, 000 as black to the Delhi government. But, it would be portrayed to you as if you are being given the number of your choice. All the purchaser wants is an odd or an even numbered car because there is no sense in having two cars that are both odd/even.
Those people who only have one car are demanding an answer from the Delhi government – that who is going to pay half the salary of their drivers in a given month?
Mr. Goel said that when the people are paying the road tax for an entire year then will the government refund the deserved amount to the people for not being able to use the service for 15 days a month?
It is my sincere request to the Delhi government that they should stop publicizing the Odd even scheme as pollution reduction scheme but instead should make it clear that is a way to reduce only traffic through forced fines.
Mr. Goel said that his protest would continue against the government and its policies that make life miserable for the common man whose money is being misused by the government on self – promotions.

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