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Lok Abhiyaan will conduct a survey on Odd Even scheme to gauge public opinion

Member of Parliament Mr. Vijay Goel declared that 400 LokAbhiyaan volunteers would survey people across 14 districts in Delhi on Monday 25th April on the question of Odd even scheme being a boon or bane. Volunteers wearing a green T -shirt (symbolic of the environment) would be given a survey form which would be filled by people of Delhi on various busy crossroads of the city in order to get their view on various issues relating to the Odd Even scheme.
Mr. Goel said that the major questions in the survey form would be  – whether there has been a decrease in pollution during Odd Even 2.0, if traffic reduced? if you were cheated by autos or taxis, whether its legitimate for the government to spend crores of rupees on publicity, whether your woes have increased or decreased due to Odd Even 2.0, what vehicle do you drive?, how many cars do you have?, whether you feel the Delhi government had enough preparedness for the scheme?,, have you recently purchased a new car? Is the scheme a success or a fail? And finally if you want the scheme to repeat or not?
Mr. Goel said that all questions would be answered in either a ‘yes or no’ format so that maximum number of people can be surveyed.
Mr. Goel said that yesterday he had requested the Delhi government to conduct a survey by itself to ask the opinion of the people. But, as the government is scared of the response, LokAbhiyaan is conducting the survey.
Mr. Goel said that his efforts would be to ask the opinion of the people and finish the survey before the scheme ends. 

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