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Public fails the Odd Even scheme in a survey conducted by Lok Abhiyaan as 68% respondents label it unsuccessful

MP Vijay Goel released a survey conducted with around 4700 participants on the issues of Odd Even 2.0. As the second phase was implemented without adequate planning and preparedness, people have overwhelmingly rejected the scheme this time according to the survey. The survey finds that 68% of the people have labeled the scheme a fail in its second phase.
People have been cheated in both the phases of the scheme. In the first phase of Odd Even i.e. Jan 1 to 15, all 15 days there were school holidays, apart from that if we add the weekend, Lohdi and Makar Sankranti, then government employees, small and large businesses and markets had holidays for 6 days. Similarly, in the second phase of Odd Even if one considers the weekend and other festive holidays then there were 6 holidays when government offices, small and large businesses and the big markets of the city were closed. Despite this, people have rejected the scheme.
Mr. Goel said that the day transport minister Mr. Gopal Rai said that the BJP is behind all of the following mishaps during the scheme such as fire at the Bhalswa Jahangirpuri landfill site, breaking down of buses, auto rickshaws strike, traffic jams on roads; it proved that even the Delhi government feels that the scheme has failed and out of fear they are blaming other parties. Mr. Rai had said that do a public survey, then I would like to say that here is the survey and the public verdict along with it.
Mr. Goel said that people would aggressively oppose the government from the very beginning if in future they implement the phase three of the scheme with such poor planning.
Reasons that emerge from the survey owing to which people are unhappy with the scheme
Started without adequate preparedness 2. Exempted categories without any application of mind 3. Twice the registration of CNG cars 4.Expenditure of crores of rupees of tax money on self – publicity 5. Increased sales of scooter that are in dreadful condition that pollute the most 6. Exploitation by Uber and Ola 7.Difficulties while dropping kids to school 8. Using the more polluting taxi instead of one’s own car 9. All agencies including the CPCB show that pollution has increased 10. People less confident as the Delhi government was busy blaming others 11. People had to travel in overcrowded buses and metros and be pushed around 12. Terror of paying a fine of Rs.2000 13. Public transport especially buses were not increased 14. Other major sources of pollutions were ignored
Mr. Goel said the government is thoroughly confused. Labels it as a success on one day and the very next blames others for the failures of the scheme. CM and other ministers themselves resort to tokenism and do drama for a day. People’s biggest concern is not that whether this scheme would get a third phase or not but the fact that because of this scheme the additional 30% cars that Delhiites have bought will add to already congested roads post 30th April.

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