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Full statehood for Delhi like Odd Even – 2 is a new drama

MP Vijay Goel said that to hide the failures of Odd Even 2, CM Kejriwal has a second optic planned i.e. a draft bill for full statehood to Delhi for which he claims to be waiting for public comments. People of Delhi want solutions to their problems, whether it is with full statehood or not, that is not what the public is bothered with.
Mr. Goel said that is Kejriwal was serious then he would have focused on building consensus with various political parties. This is because to let Delhi have full statehood a constitutional amendment is required and thus needs a 2/3rd majority to pass in both the houses of parliament.
Mr. Goel said that the AAP has just 4 MPs and the manner in which Mr. Kejriwal keeps clashing with various parties, union government, lieutenant governor, police commissioner etc. does showcase that he is serious about getting Delhi a full statehood. They are currently not even running half the state, I doubt how will they run an entire state.
Mr. Goel criticized the drama of sending 10 lakh waters to Latur when people in Delhi do not have sufficient water. The recent fire at National Museum of Natural history has exposed the reality of the fire department by the Delhi government. Odd even forced 30% of people to buy new cars. Neither traffic nor pollution reduced and 100cr was spent unnecessarily on publicity of this scheme.
Mr. Goel said that there a lot of problems in Delhi. The need of the hour is to have good coordination between the Centre government, various departments, MCD and all political parties to resolve these issues. Getting full statehood for Delhi is also a new drama, where if it fails then the blame will be put on the BJP that is not letting the bill pass. Whereas the reality would be that seeing the uncooperative behavior of Kejriwal, the parliament might not want to pass the bill.

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