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NGT and the report of Delhi Govt. Committee itself stated Odd-Even scheme a failure

Vijay Goel, MP has said that the question regarding Odd-Even scheme raised by us first of all that an amount of Rs. 100 crore of taxpayers of Delhi was wasted, the same question has been asked today by the National Green Tribunal from Aam Aadmi Party Government that the publicity fund could be utilized for good work of development.
Shri Goel has said that Kejriwal government’s Odd-Even scheme has proved a fraud towards the people of Delhi. All the reports coming in that regard show that odd-Even scheme has failed and Kejriwal government itself is the highest reason for its failure, which has not chalked out any proper scheme and without any consideration made an announcement in this regard simply to get self publicity and propaganda.
Shri Goel has made an appeal to lakhs of people of Delhi that they should not purchase second car or second hand scooter because of scare of implementation of Odd-Even scheme for the third time, because neither Kejriwal government can manage it properly not it has courage to implement it again.
Shri Goel has said that NGT has put straight question before Aam Adami Party government and pollution control board and asked the Delhi Govt. as to what expect level of pollution came down and what was the level of pollution before and after implementation of Odd-Even Scheme.
Shri Goel has said that NGT has asked why government has not taken any action regarding spread of pollution due to dust, burning of garbage, industrial smoke, biogas, etc.?
Shri Goel has said that the committee set up by Delhi government itself has exposed Kejriwal government. The special committee constituted by Delhi govt. in this regard has clearly stated that Odd-Even scheme proved a failure because schools were open, there were no vacations, people did not adopted carpooling, 3 lakh 88 thousand additional car came on the road and the number of two-wheelers was increased by 1 Lakh 34 thousand, the number of CNG 30 thousand. What was Delhi govt. doing at that time ? Why it has made an announcement in hurry.
Shri Goel has said that it is a well-known fact that it was done simply to put self-advertisements. Shri Goel has said that the Government tell how much money of people has been spent on Odd-Even and under which rule govt. has challaned people for Rs. 2000/-. Government must refund challan money to the affected persons.

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