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731 Kg Laddo will be ‘Prasad’ of schemes on completion of 2 years (731 days)

Vijay Goel, MP has announced today three programmes on 2 years achievements of Modi government first; a 731 Kg ‘Ladoo’ will be prepared. Modi government’s schemes will be written on all the four sides of it. Second, 10,000 youth will participate in ‘VikaskiDaud’ on 26th May, at 10.00 AM at KhajooriChowk, bhajanpura and third, an Exhibition on Modi government’s achievements will be held in Talkatora stadium on 5thjune 2016, which will be inaugurated by the union minister ShriArunJaitley and Shri Suresh Prabhu.
Giviting details of of various programmes, Shrigoel has said that 20 persons will prepare the 731 Kg ‘BoondiLaddo’ a sketch of Ganeshji will be curved on the ladooand Modi government’s schemes will be written on it. Goel has stated that the purpose of Ladoo is that ‘Prasad’ of two years achievements of Modi Government must reach the people and fans of Modi will convey these schemes in each and every village and town.
Shrigoel has stated that the participants of trans-yamuna Run on 26thmay will be given T-Shirts on which the words ‘VikaskiDaud’ will be printed and they will carry in their hands placard showing Modi Governments achievements. The entire KhajooriChowk will be adorned with hoardings, posters, banners, etc deputing Modi government’s schemes. Minister ShriKalraj Mishra, ShriGoel and ShriManojTiwariMp will flag off the ‘Daud’ (Run).
On 5th June, an exhibition on two years achievements of Modi Government will be held in Talkatora Stadium and publicity material detain Modi Government schemes and how benefits can be taken from them will be distributed.
ShriGoel has said that Modi government has not only corrected the bad state of the coutry received in legacy from UPA government but has done important development works in the two years tenure. New schemes like skill development and Start-Up India Mudra Bank,have been introduced and this is the reason that Modi Government is ruling in 13 states today.
Shrigoel has said that besides pamphlets, posters, hoardings, maximum publicity of these schemes will be done through social media by various NGO’s. For this purpose we are holding regular meetings and are trying to associate various NGOs in Delhi through which various programmes will be organized.

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