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Thousands of persons participated in “Vikas Ki Daud”

Two year’s achievements of Modi Government have been celebrated with the presentation of 731 Kg (Two years or 731 days) Ladoo and participation of thousands of young persons in ‘VikaskiDaud’ organized in trans-yamuna area of KhajooriChowk.
Vijay Goel, MP has stated that 20 persons have prepared this Ladoo of 731 Kg in 2 days of hard labour and it was equal to 14,000 MotichoorLadoos. Union Minister of Small and medium industries minister, ShriKalraj Mishra, BJP National Vice-President ShriShyamJaju and MP Vijay Goel have presented this 731 Kg Ladoo and flagged off the Run for Development.
ShriGoel has stated that flags of 57 schemes of Modi Government were fixed on the Ladoo and it was distributed among the people as a ‘Prasad’ of Modi government’s schemes in the same manner in which these schemes are to be taken to common man in small villages and towns.
Union Minister ShriKalraj Mishra has said that under the leadership of Prime Minister ShriNarendraModi, the country constantly leading towards development and crores of people are getting benefits of his far reaching schemes. The main features of this government are corruption free administration, decision taking capability and transparent machinery.
ShriShyamJaju has said that the Modi Government has not only corrected the worse legacy got from UPA government during its rule of two years, but has also done important development. New schemes, like skill development, Start Up India, Digital India, Mudra Bank, BeriBachao-BetiPadhao have been introduced and people are getting benefits from Prime Minister Jan DhanYojana, Skill Development scheme, agriculture irrigation schemes, etc.
ShriGoel has said that 6000 young persons have participated in the 2 Km long ‘VikaskiDaud’ with great enthusiasm, Each Participant has been given a certificate. ShriGoel has also said that there is great need of publicity propaganda of Modi Government’s schemes, because these are meant for common man. On one hand crores of people have been benefited from these schemes, on the other hand these schemes should also reach other crores of people so that they can also get benegit from these.
Commenting on Kejriwal, ShriGoel has said that it is a saying like ‘KhisianiBilliKhambaNoche’. Now, he is taking about expenditure on publicity propaganda of Modi government’s schemes whereas his government itself in the guise of Odd-Even scheme has spent crores of rupees unnecessary on its publicity propaganda by giving advertisements not only in Delhi but on advertisements in Kerala, Karnataka, Odisa and Tamilnadu also.
Modiji’s schemes are ultra-modern hence their publicity-propaganda is very essential to deciminate information in regard there to publicity propaganda by the Union government in the entire county can be well understood, but publicity-propaganda by a state government in other states is nothing but wastage of public money.
Shrigoel has stated that a grand exhibition on Modi government’s two years achievements and schemes well he organized on 5th June at Talkatora Stadium and thousands of people will get benefits from it. 

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