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Delhiites put behind bar daring emergency must get pension.

A delegation of Sayagrahis imprisoned in Tihar Jail during the emergency visited Tihar Jail today, 25th June 2016. Led by Shri Vijay Goel, MP and Former Union Minister in order to refresh the memories of that period.
Shri Goel has stated that refreshing memories is a must to ensure emergency is not imposed again. Many families were ruined due to excesses suffered by thousands of persons during the said 19th months. Shri Goel said that the families of those persons of Delhi, who were put behind bar must also be given pension as a honor to them like Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.
Shri Goel said that censorship was imposed during emergency. Democracy was throttled. Personal freedom was snatched. Programmes like compulsory vasectomy were thrust upon people. Congress Prime Minister India Gandhi had become unbridled dictator during emergency.
Shri Goel has made a demand that in order to keep the memories of emergency always fresh, a museum with all the documents of that period may be set up in the capital, Delhi, in which there is a mention of the excesses committed in the entire India during this period and it must also  depict the struggle waged against it. This museum will teach a lesson to our future generation that no one can destroy the integrity, sovereignty and democratic values of India.
Besides, Shri Goel said that the report of the shah commission, set up to probe the excesses of emergency may be made public once again. It is worth mentioning that successive Congress Governments had destroyed all the copies of this report. So that future generation are not able to know about their black deeds.
Along with Mr Goel the members visited are:  /Shri Mukesh Puniyani, P K Chandla, Mukesh Chand Sharma, Ramsarn Bhatia, Motilal Sodhi, MangeramGarg, Mewaram Arya, Tilakraj Kataria, Vedvyas Mahajan, Swadesh Chadha, Dinesh Sharma, Jeetram Solanki, Hemant Vishnoi, Braham Singh Tanwar, Sudhir Madaan,  Harbans Lal Uppal, Dharamvir Sharma, Vijay Khurana, Inder Kumar Tomar etc. were the members of the delegation. 

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