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Opposition parties are provoking and misguiding the public about demonetisation: Vijay Goel

In order to counter the rumour mongering and flow of fake and provocative statements by the Opposition parties against PM Narendra Modi’s bold move of demonetisation against black money, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel will lead a March for Demonetisation and create awareness among the public. Addressing the media during a press conference, Goel stated that the first mega rally to support the demonetisation scheme would begin at Delhi’s Paharganj area on 27th November, 2016 where he will address businessmen as well as people from all walks of life. He will interact with various business communities and enlighten them about the various digital modes of transactions. He will also appeal to the masses that PM Modi’s decision is aimed to create a clean India for all and the public must reject all divisive tactics and lies being spread by some political parties which had pushed the nation into darknessduring their rule.

PM Modi’s decision to ban Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes is not only historic but also symbolises the strong political will of the current government unlike the Congress which despite its long stint at the Centre failed to take any bold step to uplift the nation’s economy and clean up the black money.

Goel stated that he and many other volunteers within Delhi and outside the capital have stated that despite initial problems, everyone has hailed PM’s move and are cooperating as per the rules and regulations. Goel also added that the Opposition isn’t protesting against the problems that people are facing in the initial phase of demonetisation but can’t stand the PM’s growing popularity among the masses. “Earlier the Opposition used to question PM’s motive regarding black money but now when he has taken a drastic measure to curb the menace of black money, the same parties are hell bent to create hurdles for the government. It seems they have been hurt”, Goel said.

Goel also mentioned that during Congress rule, kids used to line up outside ration shops, kerosene shop and so on. He said that some sections are aiming at fulfilling their vested interests eg. some bank officials have allegedly transferred funds in their family members’ name which is highly objectionable and therefore every person must keep in mind the national interest instead of selfish gains.

Goel added that some parties are using the social media to provoke people using fake news. He cited the example of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who had tweeted the image of a thief who went to loot a bank but committed suicide as he feared arrest, but Kejriwal projected it as if this was a person who failed to withdraw cash and ended his life. Even Rahul Gandhi had made contradictory statements saying that all BJP leaders knew about the decision way before it was made public but then he stated that the decision was so secret that none including Finance Minister were aware of it. The Opposition has even gone to the extent that the government waived off loans of big corporate houses but failed to provide any proof for the same while some news were found to be fabricated. Most of the surveys conducted so far have pointed towards the fact that the people are willing to face the initial difficulties and wholeheartedly support PM Modi in his fight against corruption and black money.

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