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Vijay Goel leads Janta Ka March in Paharganj to support PM’s demonetisation against Black Money

In order to counter the rumour mongering and provocative statements by the Opposition parties against PM Narendra Modi’s bold move of demonetisation against black money,
Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel led a Janta Ka March in Delhi’s Paharganj area. Hundreds of youth and members of various organisations took part in the march voicing their support for PM Modi with a banner “Youth Against Black Money”.

Goel led “padyatras” and visited each shop to create awareness among the traders and business communities about digital modes of payment and transactions which will help them to continue their busines in a simplified way and would bring in transparency and strengthen economy of the nation.

All trade unions hailed PM Modi’s move and declared that they would keep their shops open and pay no heed to the Opposition’s demand for Bharat Bandh on 28th November, 2016. Goel stated that the so called Bharat Bandh has already failed.

Goel started off the march by sweeping away fake currency with a broom which he stated as the second Swachhta Abhiyan after PM’s first Swachhta Abhiyan against garbage. The act displayed the message that PM Modi with his bold move of demonetisation has hit the organisations which indulge in counterfeit currency and black money.
Interacting with the media Goel said, “One man is determined to clean the nation and make it free from black money and corruption but few parties and their leaders with vested interests are hell bent to create problems for the government and safeguarding the corrupt”. Goel added that there will be more padyatras to create awareness among the masses and deter the negative propaganda and series of lies being spread by the Opposition parties to misguide the public. 

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