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Union Minister Vijay Goel installs Public Signature Wall at Delhi’s CP for people to wish BJP good-luck for Karnataka poll results

Union Minister Vijay Goel today inaugurated a Public
Signature Wall at Delhi’s Connaught Place (near Rajiv Chowk Metro Station) where
hundreds of people from all walks of life wrote good luck messages for BJP to form
government in Karnataka. Goel said that he is sure that the BJP will emerge as the
single largest party once the results for the Karnataka elections are declared.
Youngsters in large numbers joined the event and signed the signature wall while
expressing their wish to see the BJP winning it big down south as well. Slogans like
“BJP Lao, Karnataka Se Corruption Bhagao, Modi Vision is Karnataka Mission” etc.
were written by the people present there. They said that PM Modi is a motivating
leader who has a clear vision for India and his ideas and policies must reach every
corner of the nation for maximum positive impact.
Goel said that from farmer suicides, rampant corruption, law and order situation,
civic-issues and so on, the Congress government in Karnataka failed in all fronts and
therefore people will choose BJP’s pro-development model which has also washed
out Congress from the map of India as BJP is in power across 22 states of India. Goel
further stated that Opposition parties are frustrated with the rise and rise of BJP and
are therefore indulging in violence as we are witnessing in West Bengal. Citing
Karnataka elections, Goel stated that Congress was so desperate to win that it
fielded ex-PM Manmohan Singh and pushed him into politics of confrontation.
Goel added that under the vision of PM Narendra Modi, India is witnessing a
phenomenal transformation and people will once again in 2019 choose him to lead
the nation towards the path of glory. Goel said, “As per the surveys by certain media
houses, most of them hint that BJP will be the clear winner and this is the on-ground
sentiment because if you notice the trends since 2014, Congress has lost 12 state
assembly elections as people have chosen BJP under the visionary leadership of PM
Narendra Modi.

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