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Vijay Goel reaches Laxmi Nagar on insistence from Traders.

New Delhi 22nd May, 2018, former Delhi BJP President and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Statistics & Programme Implementation on insistence of Traders, today visited and inspected the shops damaged due to encroachment removal drive in Laxmi Nagar Market. On the site, he instructed EDMC officials telephonically, not to follow a pick and choose policy on removal of encroachment and ensure complete transparency in the entire process.Also he instructed that the rubble lying on the road should be cleared immediately in public interest. Commissioner, EDMC assured that the rubble lying on the road will be removed immediately.


Local Traders complained to Goel that EDMC officials are discriminating in implementation of the Supreme Court order on encroachment removal. Taking a serious view of the situation he immediately called EDMC officials telephonically and advised not to discriminate in execution of Supreme Courts orders.Looking at the hardships and difficultiesfaced by local shopkeepers/ traders, he instructed the EDMC officials to lift the rubble lying on the road due to demolition activities.During the entire process Goel visited the entire area on foot and also discussed the issue with office bearers of Traders Association as well as local shopkeepers.


Goel said that he came on the request of Traders and Shopkeepers to take stock of the situation created due to demolition activities. He said that if he told traders ‘that if any Government Official harasses them by going against the rules they should immediately complain to him.He informed that on public related issues he is always forthcoming in alleviating the hardships faced by the common man.

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