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Havelis of Chandni Chowk being destroyed says Union Minister & Former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel

Union Minister and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay
Goel today wrote a letter to North MCD Commissioner after being informed by local
residents about demolition of certain havelis in the Kucha Paati Ram area of Sitaram
Bazar in Chandni Chowk. Goel said, “I am deeply pained with the alarming situation
prevailing in the precincts of Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. It is one of the oldest
heritage city built in the 17 th Century but is now on the verge of being destroyed by
unauthorised construction and demolition of historical structures which cannot be
rebuilt in their actual form.”
Goel stated that the MCD Commissioner must visit these spots and take immediate
corrective measures. Goel further stated that Chandni Chowk in recent times has
witnessed rapid unauthorised and illegal constructions capable of altering the basic
character of this Heritage City. “Havelis are being destroyed and converted into
commercial complexes. The traditional look and feel of Chandni Chowk is being
played with blatantly and no effort has been made for heritage protection and
conservation. The roads, by lanes and streets have been mercilessly encroached upon
and there is no plan by the Delhi Government, Shahjahanabad Development
Corporation and the local Government i.e. North Delhi Municipal Corporation to
restore the area to its glorious past.” Goel added.
Goel expressed deep concern with the prevailing scenario of Chandni Chowk and
emphasized that the current situation in which the Chandni Chowk finds itself is only
because of connivance of officials of various authorities responsible for the
governance and upkeep of this Heritage City. He said, “There is no policy for the
safeguard of the unprotected Heritage Buildings from destruction, illegal construction
or encroachment.”
Goel said that there is a need to constitute a heritage cell for Chandni Chowk for the
conservation and promotion of heritage structures. He also mentioned that Chandni
Chowk is endowed with rich Cultural Heritage and it is our duty to protect the same
and restore it to its past glory and with these efforts Chandni Chowk will surely
become a major tourist destination.

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